Families Are Stronger Together!

The psychologists at Eckert Centre are always open to discuss unique ways that we may be of assistance to you, your child, and your family. 

One way we do this is through our consultation services which give parents the opportunity to get their questions answered before deciding whether or not to book counseling, assessment, coaching, or learning services. Consultations give parents the knowledge to make wiser choices for their children and their family and the peace of mind that whether the decision is to wait or proceed with service, that is what their family needs right now.

Here are some examples of questions parents have found answers to during a consultation at Eckert Centre:
  • My son’s school has recommended a learning assessment for my son.  Should we go ahead?
  • Our doctor said that PACE could help our daughter with her learning disability.  How would PACE help?
  • We just found out our son has AD/HD.  Where do we start to help him reach his potential?
  • Our daughter is having a hard time separating from us when we drop her off at school.  How could your coaching services help us help her?
  • My son’s teacher has invited us to a meeting to discuss school placement options for junior high next year.  What are the issues we need to consider given his cognitive disability? 
  • Our daughter is having trouble dealing with her anger.  Should we bring her in to see a counsellor or is it better for us to work with a coach first?
Consultants at Eckert Psychology & Education Centre:

Conducted by experienced, licensed professionals providing services to children and their families

  • Utilize proven “evidence-based” approaches to learning, emotional and behavioral concerns
  • Provide thorough, comprehensive care
  • Recognize the privilege of supporting children and families through difficult times
  • Provide support and direction in a warm, caring environment
Consultations at Eckert Psychology & Education Centre will help parents:
  • Skillfully determine what is causing the difficulty
  • Carefully select the best service to meet the current needs of their child and family
  • Confidently support their child in their distress
  • Swiftly deal with the presenting concern

Questions About Family Consulting?

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