For We Care Outreach Network Society

For We care is a compassion motivated organization envisioned by its Founder Dr. Walter Kerber (1932 – 2007) and a group of business people who have witnessed and helped alleviate desperate situations in various countries. They established, "The Mind & Body" fund and are recommending "Eckert Psychology & Education Centre.

The Mind & Body Fund provides scholarships and bursaries to assist people to obtain help with treatable “identified disabilities”, “mental health concerns”, and “life issues”:

Identified Disabilities – this includes individuals with special needs such as Down syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit /Hyperactivity Disorders and general intellectual/developmental delays.

Mental Health Concerns – these are primarily linked to depression, anxiety disorders, and addictions.

Life Issues - this includes marriage, separation, divorce, loss/grief, parenting, career exploration or change, stress management, and physical wellness.

You can help make a difference by making an income tax receiptable donation to the “Mind & Body Fund”. Please note, that designations must be to the fund only and not, in any way, indicate the name of a potential recipient of a scholarship or bursary.

If you are interested in supporting those in need we would encourage you to go to their "Donations Page" to see the methods that you can use to help with this funding need.

Individuals can request funding from For we care by emailing and request an "Application for Bursary" form.

Breaking Free Foundation

The Breaking Free Foundation provides financial support to individuals who have experienced traumatic life events.

The foundation aims to be a trusted online hub that connects the community to resources and support for those who have experienced trauma, and those who want to learn more.


Individuals can apply for funding directly from the Breaking Free Foundation by Clicking Here.

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If you are seeking financial support we would encourage you to email and request an "Application for Bursary" form.
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